HAOR Modernization (Pre-FEED and FEED)

Produced Water (Layer Water) Treatment Projects

Project Details


SFW together with AFW Italiana carried out the following activities:

  • Pre-FEED of the CDU/VDU revamping
  • Preparation of the “as is” documentation for the “CDU/VDU” and UOS
  • Supporting activities for topographic survey, oil investigation, initial NDT campaign, Laser Scanning, Logistics Study


FEED for the whole refinery has started in February 2016

The split of work between SFW and AFW Italiana was vertical

Scope of work:

Assesment of existing processes and UOS units

FEED of Merox, Amine Treatment (ATU) and Sour Water Stripper (SWS) Units

FEED of most of the UOS systems



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