HAOR Unit 45 New Amine Treatment Unit & LPG Pretreatment Section Process Design Package

Project Details

SFW’s services include the preparation of process design package (PDP) content in line with that of Schedule A of UOP for the following two new units:

  • New Amine Treatment Unit (U45) shall treat the Rich Amine coming from the absorbers located in the FCC, VGO-HDT, DCU and the LPG pretreatment units in order to strip H2S and CO2 from the Rich Amine and return the Lean Amine to the various users of refinery at a level of regeneration requested by the amine wash taking place in these units. The design processing capacity of the ATU is 94,754 kg/h of Rich Amine .
  • New LPG pre-treatment unit (U45L) shall treat a blend of unsaturated LPG from FCC Gas Concentration Unit and DCU Gas Plant in order to limit the H2S content in the treated LPG in line with the requirements of the downstream Merox Unit. The design processing capacity of the LPG Pretreatment Unit is 680 Metric KTPA of unsaturated LPG.
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